Namibia – 10 Lives
english 90 min, Full HD Download

„Namibia – 10 Lives“, is the new roadmovie by Dirk Schäfer, Andreas Prinz and Stephan Fritsch. It takes you through the stunning landscapes of Namibia and to impressive people.



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Its first inhabitants called it ‘the place where there is nothing’: Namibia. The world’s oldest desert is here though along with landscapes reminiscent of uninhabited planets far away. At first sight there is nothing of importance here. Apart perhaps from time itself, plus heat and minus moisture stretching towards infinity. And yet there are small wonders hidden everywhere. The wonders of life. What form it takes however life must always adapt itself to the extreme conditions of these lands or else parish.

Few people come here yet some have been living here in these deserts for thousands of years. Their continuing survival depends on the oasis dotted over this otherwise inhospitable landscape.
These special places have a habit of producing special people. People who love this country and devote themselves wholesale to upholding its culture and protecting its astonishing animal kingdom.
These are the people Dirk Schaefer, Andreas Prinz and Stephan Fritsch are travelling to meet. This film is dedicated to the people of Namibia and this fantastic country.

90 Minutes, Full-HD, English